About us


To maintain an exceptional quality of work, timely service delivery, cost effective and sustainable solutions through extensive project knowledge.


CSSL is committed to delivering high quality, cost effect and timely work. We aspire to be the leading contractor delivering successful projects locally, regionally, and internationally by fulfilling the infrastructural needs of our society.


We aim to achieve total satisfaction with all our Clients by using our core tenants.

OUr HIstory

Construction Services and Supplies Ltd. (CSSL) was established in 1999 by its Managing Director Frankie Ali.


We are a family-run company with over 20 years of experience in the local and regional construction industry. Early on, our primary services revolved around refurbishment works in the public sector, but as time passed, we experienced exponential growth to our operations. 


We now operate at the domestic, commercial and governmental levels of the construction industry in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Guyana, with our strong reputation preceding us at each step of the way! 

How we stand oUT

By fostering a culture that promotes forward thinking and new ideas, we have been able to penetrate new markets with projects introducing renewable energy and green technologies within conceptual designs.


CSSL is continually broadening its range of services to respond to changing markets in accordance with best practices and a continuous improvement approach.

CSSL’s head office is in La Brea, but understanding a need for infrastructural development regionally, our services have now expanded with offices located in Tobago and Guyana.


timely service delivery, exceptional quality of work and extensive project knowledge.


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Strict Timeliness

Unparalleled Quality

Extensive Knowledge

Our process

Here's how We manage your projects

Project Requirements

Here, functions and tasks for successful project completion would be identified. This allows all departments involved to work towards a clear set of parameters. 

At CSSL, we work closely with Clients, maintaining healthy and regular communications with external parties, contributing significantly to project success. 

Critical Milestone

A Critical Milestone can be defined as a performance objective under a Project. This is a measure of progress toward the ultimate goal, and can include key deliverables, stakeholder approval and the project lifespan. 

Team strengths /weaknesses

Projects consist of many individuals, each with unique personalities, educational backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. Understanding strengths and weaknesses of individuals increases engagement, teamwork and productivity. 

Risk Management

To identify potential events that would impact a project’s success, risk management is performed where risks are identified and evaluated for mitigation. 

Evaluation of Project

This is a systematic and objective assessment of ongoing or completed projects. Here, level of achievements, project objectives, efficiency, impact and sustainability is assessed. Monthly reports are compiled with relevant information to assess the project’s progress.