Red House Building- Port of Spain

Constructed in 1844, the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago opened in the same year that Queen Victoria of England was preparing to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. The Colonial  Government of Trinidad and Tobago, in recognition of that milestone achievement, coated the Parliament Building in red paint. Thereafter, it was referred to as the Red House.  In 1903 when the Water Riots erupted in Trinidad, the 1844 structure was destroyed. In the period 1904 to 1906, the Red House, as it is known today, was rebuilt.

In 2004, UDeCOTT assumed responsibility for the restoration of the Red House Building. In July 2011, seven years later, the Parliament was relocated to Tower D at the Waterfront. This was done in order to begin the complete restoration works.

  • Site work, demolition and roof and associated carpentry works
  • Installation of high quality copper roofing.